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5 CrossFit Strategies To Help You Burn Fat AF & Get Ripped

Do you want to lose weight fast?

If so, then you should consider doing CrossFit, which is far better and more effective than doing an hour of steady cardio or loading your workouts with burpees and other exercises.

Even if you’re a hardcore weightlifter, you can still benefit from adding various aspects of CrossFit into your training regime.

All you have to do is look at some of the CrossFit athletes.

Once you do this, you’ll notice right away just how ripped, and muscular CrossFit can make you.

With that said, below are some strategies, tips, and advice to help you get the most from CrossFit.

Deadlift Crossfit Exercise

1) What Are Your Goals

When you want to lose weight fast, then you’ll want to define your goals.

CrossFit workouts of the day (WOD) are always posted before training starts, and there is a good reason for this.

It’s because they give you a sense of what you should strive for or purpose.

Setting goals is a good way to keep you motivated. Just make sure the goals you set are attainable and realistic.

If you set huge, unattainable goals right from the start, then you’ll eventually fail.

Here’s a good tip, write down 3-5 goals you want to achieve, and these goals should relate to your fitness performance and body composition.

Make sure you place your list of goals in an area where you’ll see them every single day.

You want to be reminded of what you’re striving for.

Remember, the more consistent and persistent you are, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.

2) Do Benchmark Workouts

What you should do are the CrossFit bodyweight benchmark workouts, and you should do them on a regular basis.

These workouts will give you an idea of what level you are at. Plus, these workouts focus less on strength and more on cardio.

Sure, some f the names might not sound intimating, but don’t let this fool you.

For example, Helen will have you doing 4-5 weekly workouts of kettlebell swings, running and pull-ups. You’ll do it at a fast pace too.

If you’re entirely new to CrossFit, then start off with doing 2-3 workouts per week.

If you’re an advanced lifter, then feel free to do 4-5 weekly workouts.

Many of the workouts involve bodyweight exercises, so you can do them with high frequency, but do rest when necessary and if you feel like resting.

Listening to your body is essential.

3) CrossFit Is A Lifestyle

Think about CrossFit and fitness in general as a lifestyle.

It’s not just something you do for up to an hour per day, and it’s not a hobby you’re just dabbling in.

CrossFit, working out and fitness is a way of life, and it demands a lot from you.

Even if you have no interest in becoming a professional CrossFitter, you will still want to approach training and fitness as a lifestyle.

What you want to do is pay close attention to your diet and rest when needed, as doing both can boost your workout efforts.

Remember, recovery is just as significant as anything else. Make changes to your eating habits, but do it gradually.

CrossFit Kettlebells Swing

For example, think of what is your worst cheat meal and then eliminate it from your diet, and then get rid of all the other bad foods you eat.

This means no more candy, fried foods, sugary drinks and things of that nature.

A food tracking system can come in handy and can help you get on the right track.

Plus, tracking what you’re eating and when you’re eating will help you become more conscious of what you are actually putting into your mouth, and as a result, you will make better decisions.

However, we do want to point out that if you do get a craving now and then, go ahead and indulge. Having a cheat meal once per week is perfectly fine.

If you want to achieve some extra power boost, be sure to take the proper pre-workout supplements for CrossFit.

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4) Do Tabata

Tabata can help you burn off fat and retain muscle mass.

It’s pretty much your standard HIIT training but taken to a new level.

You do 20 seconds of a workout, followed by a few seconds of rest. However, for those 20 seconds, you will go all-out.

Combine intense cardio with resistance training, and then do it for 20 seconds.

This doesn’t seem like a lot, but it will sure feel like a long time to complete. You’ll definitely feel the effects afterward too.

What you can do is switch couplets about every 3-4 minutes and taking a brief rest period between each.

Some of the best exercises you can do include barbell presses, dumbbell push presses, jump roping, kettlebell swings and box jumps.

Burpees and thrusters are good exercises to do too.

Decide which exercises to do, and then complete them in the manner previously described.

5) Get Support And Build A Community

When you decide to join a CrossFit gym, you’ll be joining a family. Everyone who does or has done CrossFit will tell you this.

CrossFit is about support and community, as well as building relationships that will last for many years to come.

You’ll be training with like-minded people. This means you’ll receive support that will motivate you to do your best.

If you don’t show up for a workout, the chances are you’ll get a text asking where you are.

With that said, start doing CrossFit today.