Use Epsom Salt Bath for Weight Loss and Here is How

Epsom salt bath benefits

Facts about Epsom salts

Epsom salts are not technically a type of salt. Instead, they are a compound of sulfates and magnesium that comes from Surrey in England. Your body absorbs magnesium from them, but they're not an actual salt.

Both of these minerals are absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin directly when you take a bath in water that contains Epsom salts.

The minerals have numerous positive effects on your body. Magnesium, for example, is vital for helping your body's enzymes to work correctly.

It also helps to strengthen your bones, fight insomnia, and prevent osteoporosis, along with numerous other things.

Can an Epsom salt bath assist you with weight loss?

I hate to tell you this, but the short answer is that no, it cannot. Many websites will tell you that Epsom salts work to "detox" your body, helping to make it work more efficiently so that you can shed pounds faster.

However, the idea of "detoxing" is non-scientific and means nothing.

Your liver is the only organ in your body that works to detoxify anything. It easily purifies anything that your body needs to remove unless it's a more serious toxin that will take medical attention to handle.

Epsom Salt Soak

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How is it, then, that individuals can show off a decrease in inches when they step out of an Epsom salt bath? For example, the controversial Dr. Oz showcased this on a television show.

A woman was able to lose over an inch from both her waist and thighs after taking a ten-minute bath with Epsom salts, on stage. The reason for this, however, is probably simply losing water weight due to sweating a great deal in an overly hot bath.

A sample size of one also doesn't represent an experiment that is repeatable. There is also a theory that water with salt in it dehydrates you, causing you to lose water weight. Check if you can buy Epsom salts from iHerb using iHerb coupon code KOV618 for additional savings.

If this were the case, the idea is that the salt would work like pickling, with the minerals working to draw water out of your body. These effects are not very noticeable with an Epsom salt bath.

Even if they were noticeable, Epsom salts are not the same minerals as pickling salt or table salt. And it's not wise to take a bath in these salts in order to lose a few inches.

It's also not a good idea to make a habit of dehydrating yourself with any of these methods, as doing so could cause dizziness, fainting, and other health issues.

Additional reasons to consider Epsom salt baths

Epsom salt bath

While I may have crushed your dreams of easy weight loss, there are still numerous other reasons to bathe in Epsom salts regularly. In fact, I do it myself for the following reasons:

  • It helps alleviate sore muscles. They're a good way to relax and unwind after playing sports.
  • It helps with pain from minor injuries like sprains and strains.
  • It removes excess oil from your hair.
  • It can take the sting out of a mild sunburn.
  • It exfoliates the entire body.
  • It's a good way to allow my body to absorb magnesium.

Setting up an Epsom salt bath

If you've read all the facts and still want to try an Epsom salt bath for weight loss, you may be able to lose a little water weight while relieving any aches and pains that you're experiencing.

Begin by adding a tablespoon of Epsom salt to your bathwater. Once you've been using them for a while, you can slowly increase the amount to up to two cups. Avoid using more than two cups.

You can add other things to your bath as well as Epsom salts. You may want to include essential oils for their scent or add apple cider vinegar to soften your skin.

Epsom salt bath weight loss

Enjoy the bath for up to a half-hour. Consider using the dry Epsom salt to exfoliate your skin.

I try to take a bath like this at least once per week, but several times a week is also nice. Begin slowly, and if your body takes to it well, it may make sense to up the frequency.


If you have issues with blood pressure, are pregnant, or have another health condition, ask your doctor if using the salts is safe. You may need to avoid Epsom salts if you have certain medical conditions.

If hot baths are new for you, be careful. If you raise the water temperature too much or stand up too quickly, you could pass out from the temperature difference.

Do not take Epsom salts by mouth. One tablespoon has over one hundred times the amount of magnesium that you need per day.

Even if you didn't obtain the precise answers you were after, I hope my article has been informative. Epsom salt baths are enjoyable and relaxing and can help you supplement your magnesium levels.

However, the best methods for losing weight are still proper portion control and regular exercise.

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