100 Rep Challenge: Your Path to a Badass Body Physics

100 Rep Challenge

The word challenge always seems exciting, don’t you think? Whenever someone says, “I challenge you,” it automatically triggers an adrenaline rush in the brain. It gives you something to work and achieve. But why a 100 rep challenge, what will prove this to us as an athletes?

Resilience: the reason for the challenges

Some may think that a challenge is insignificant. But sometimes it helps you achieve goals. When you are challenged, you will find it encouraging to embark on a hard path and achieve the aim.

That is what makes it amazing. It encourages you to work for that aim and makes your path of success interesting. However, many question this idea of a challenge.

They think it is meaningless to take pain for something. It is clear that they don’t understand why the challenge is vital.

The hard work and persistence can take a person to a new height, which otherwise is harder to achieve. They know they have to endure pain to go through the situation to be successful. Apart from that, when you are challenged, you can test your limits.

100 Rep Workout Challenge

How far are you willing to go to win something in the end? Will you continue this path till the end where you find the light?

Another important fact about challenges is that when you take the path, you learn many new things in the process. Most challenges seem tough at the beginning, and you don’t know how you can win this.

However, when you make it to the end, you realize that everything is possible. You will probably start thinking that you will grow wings and start flying someday.

You can grow stronger by facing difficult challenges. It gives you more strength to fight a situation. Basically, the challenge is like an automatic energy boost that helps you to achieve a target. It gives you the potential to win in real life.

The challenge

Now let us look at the 100 rep challenge (also, take a look at the 10000 swings kettlebell workout). It is pretty simple, really. You will be given a workout challenges to complete.

This is not for developing your body or making your muscles power-packed. It is more of a mental workout to keep yourself determined.

Here we are trying to develop courage and work ethics. You might think that the challenge list is made out of nowhere. But the truth is multiple important exercises are combined in this list.

There are challenges such as:

  • Conditioning practice;
  • Hypertrophy practice;
  • Strength practice.

All these activities are mixed in the list, in a way so that you will get work out of every muscle in the 6 weeks.

It took me over a year to complete all these 100 rep exercises. For exercise, it is a great tool that makes you exercise for hypertrophy, prowler push, and barbell lifts. Hence, it is an all in one package.

Recover and grow

100 Reps Challenge

When you start the exercise from the list, you will be sore. It will be tiring and hard work to complete.

Expect it to be difficult and endure the pain. It is not like you will be practicing for ages. All the hard work will end in a mere 6 weeks. You can demand at least this much from yourself.

You don’t need to cut out mobility work, stretching or food to maintain health. When you are going through the 100 rep challenge, you don’t need to cut out food from the diet.

The exercise will make sure you are in good shape. Your body will learn recovery. For hypertrophy, the 100 rep challenge is great. You will gain rep range that most others don’t know how to achieve.

During the exercise, your tendons grow stronger, and it gives you a surge of strength. In 6 weeks, your entire body will develop. The arms, hamstrings, traps, all will gain power and grow.

Training week overview

  • Monday: exercise the lower body
  • Tuesday: practice lower body 100
  • Wednesday: get a prowler walk
  • Thursday: train the upper body
  • Friday: practice upper body 100
  • Saturday: another prowler walk day

As you can see, the exercise of the entire body is divided in a week. You will get two days for conditioning, two days for hypertrophy, two days for strength exercise.

The 100 rep work

Let us look at the 100 rep work in detail. The training is not very difficult. It just needs hard work.

There are three exercises each day to complete. Additional workouts are not important on top of the 100 rep exercise.

The weights mentioned in the list are for a trainee with 5 years experience or more. You can take lighter weights to start your challenge.

100 Rep Challenge

Upper body 100

  • Front plate raise

This needs a complete range movement. You need to make sure your hands reach above your head. It is a great exercise for the upper part of your body. Take a 25-pound plate for practice.

  • Barbell curls

Practice with 25 round barbell curls.

  • Karwoski rows

This one is a bit different, a hybrid exercise, to be exact. You need to shrug while holding a barbell. It needs to rise to your belly button.

Keep it at this position for a second and repeat the process. Take weights of 135 pounds, and two extra 45 pound plates.

Lower body 100

  • Bulgarian split squat

For this, you need to keep one leg in front and the other back on a bench. Practice with body weights and complete all the reps. There are 50 reps for each leg, so a total of 100 reps to go for.

  • Hamstring curls

Lie down for this exercise practice with both legs with ankle weights of 10-20 pounds.

  • Sit-ups

Cross your arms and lock your feet with something. Then practice sit-ups.

100 reps notes

You may want to list an exercise from the list according to your choosing. But I highly recommend following the list.

As I said, we thought through a lot to prepare this list, which includes the exercise of all the parts. Along with that, we thought of the ease of exercise, and motion, etc.

Do not rest during the exercise; it will ruin the muscle development cycle. It needs stress to develop. Make sure your muscles are contracting and relaxing properly.

You can rest in between each exercise. But the rep cycle should be continuous, only then you will get good results from all the hard work.

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