T-Bar Row vs. Bent Over Row: Which Exercise Is Better

T-Bar Row vs. Bent Over Row

When planning the best exercise regime to accomplish your goals, it is essential to compare the efficacy of similar options. The t-bar row vs. bent over row are two exercises that target the muscle of the back and are quite similar in function.

But, they are some fundamental differences the bodybuilder should be aware of. The barbell bent-over row is a common practice at most gyms and uses barbells or dumbbells to engage the back muscles fully.

The T-bar row accomplishes the same thing with a different approach. They can both be used to build a broad back, but both have specific considerations, benefits, and variations that can be used to maximize your building efforts.

The T-bar row vs. bent over row

How to do a bent-over row

To perform the row begin standing with feet spread at hip-distance apart. You should be holding a suitable heavy barbell or pair of dumbbells in your hands hanging near your thighs. If you need recovery natural supplements, coupons for iHerb are available on this page.

Your hands should be a little further than shoulder’s width from each other. Your lower legs from the ankles to the knees should be kept perpendicular.

Bent over barbell row

Bend forward slowly hinging at the hips and buttocks keeping your back straight and parallel to the floor. Your arms will be hanging toward the floor in front of you.

This is the starting position. Squeeze the muscles of the back and shoulders and bend your arms upward pulling the bar toward your torso while keeping the elbows close to the body – not flaring outward from the sides.

You want to raise the bar till it contacts your upper abdomen near the bottom of the rib cage squeeze here and return to the starting position slowly.

The key to proper execution is the way you distribute your weight. If you extend too far forward, you can strain the muscles of the back. Keep your weight evenly distributed through your feet.

As you lift, shift your center of gravity slightly backward to your heels. If you feel the strain on the back.

Bent over barbell row

Benefits of the barbell row

The muscles that are targeted by the bent-over barbell row are the trapezius and latissimus dorsi. These are located in the center of the upper back.

Rather than a pulley cable, which is another typical exercise for engaging these muscles, the bent-over row fully engages these muscles of their full range of motion.

This removes the momentum advantage from the effort and allows you more gains in both strength and mass for your energy expenses. Furthermore, the bent-over barbell row will fully engage the core muscles as stabilizers to perform this exercise and this will maximize your strength.

Bent-over row variations

  • Inverted Row – his exercise uses body weight to target the back muscles. Find a bar that is firmly secured a short distance from the floor. Hand from this bar with your hands a little more than shoulder’s distance apart and your feet resting on the ground. Keep your body straight from your ankles to your head, or only bend from the knees. Pull your body upward to your chest to the bar and return to the starting position, that’s a complete rep.
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row – with your left knee supported on a bench and the other foot on the floor, bend forward at the waist and place your left hand on the bench to support your upper body weight. Take a suitably sized dumbbell in your right hand and pull it upward toward your chest. Remember to keep your elbows close to your body and your back straight and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Standing Cable Row – facing the cable machine take the handle in one hand and bring it toward your belly button. There should be just enough tension on the cable to allow you to perform this exercise several times without being thrown off balance. The form is everything in performing these exercises. Row the cable forward applying your back muscle to the motion and extending the elbow, then pull the handle back to the start. This is a completed Rep.

The T-bar row

How to do a T-bar row

The T-Bar Row is very similar to the bent-over barbell row, but the difference in the T-Bar machine and the way the bar is held by the athlete makes a big difference.

The T-Bar machine features a free-moving straight bar pivoted at one end. There are a set of handles running parallel to the straight bar or at various angles from which you lift.

T-bar row

You will notice your hands can be closer or further from each other in this exercise. The execution is relatively evident, and many T-Bar stations even have chest support that keeps the core from being fully engaged.

Actually, the type you must stand over, with the bar between the legs is the most effective.

With your body in the same position as the bent-over barbell row, place hands on the handles and begin lifting the bar to the chest. Lower slowly and repeat.

T-bar row

Benefits of the T-bar row

T-Bar rows hit all the major muscles systems of the back with even and smooth engagement. This begins with the latissimus dorsi, trapezius and also the erector spinae, which runs alongside the spinal column and the teres major.

Additionally, you will apply effort to the muscles of the shoulders, arms and if you use the correct bar T-Bar station (to type the runs between your legs), you will also target the core.

T-bar row variations

T-Bars can be found in a wide variety of styles to target various muscles. By selecting different grips and spacings for your hands, you can apply more effort to a specific muscle system.

This allows you to create a plan to work through each portion of the back building large thick muscles through precision efforts.

Final notes on T-bar row vs. bent over row

The best results will come from a focus and well-planned effort in using either the t-bar row vs. bent over row to achieve your physical goals. Be sure you are supporting your exercise routines with adequate quality nutrition and plenty of hydrations.

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