15 Benefits of Swimming: Muscle Building and Weight Loss

Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most interactive and refreshing activities that you can do. It is a workout that poses lots of benefits to people, from beauty to entertainment, and to wellness that you won’t have any reason not to do it in the end.

Some of the benefits of swimming that can convince you to go out to the pool are the following.

1) ​Maximizes Your Cardiovascular System

​One of the most important benefits of swimming is that it is guaranteed to help the heart function better. It is an incomparable conditioning technique for the cardiovascular system.

It is even considered to be an aerobic activity, where there will be more demand for oxygen and breathing control, which can empower your heart. Through swimming, you get to improve your heart’s pumping action. It allows better blood circulation all over your body.

2) ​Serves as a Great Weight Loss Program

​Another great reason to jump into the pool and start swimming is that it’s an excellent weight loss program that won’t have you hating exercise.

It is an excellent way to burn calories without having to force yourself to do workouts that you despise. It is said that 1 hour of a moderate level of swimming can help you burn approximately 500 calories off your body.

15 Benefits Of Swimming

And the great thing about it is that it also improves your metabolism and continues this burning even after getting out of the pool. This is why swimming for weight loss has become popular today. Read more about one of the best weight loss supplement here.

3) ​Opens-up New Adventure and Experiences

​Getting out of your house and going to the pool or the sea is another adventure that you can take in today’s busy hustle-bustle of the world. And swimming is a great new experience that you can take.

You can hop off on a boat and simply enjoy the outdoor air or challenge yourself with a new number of laps. Whatever you decide on, swimming will always open up new experiences for you.

4) ​Serves as Social Outlet that Helps You De-Stress

Swimming is also a great de-stressor factor that can help you relax at your worst moments. When everything at work, in your relationships, or at home seems to stress you out, swimming is known to lower stress levels and reduce anxiety and pressure.

Even light swimming and floating can do the job. Studies show that swimming is an awesome mental and depression treatment. It helps mental health by releasing endorphins and shutting out external stimuli. It can even improve sleeping patterns.

5) Serves as Your Total-Body Workout

​Swimmers mostly have leaner and longer muscles, as are shown with their bodies. These muscles are the product of excellent metabolism boost and proof of how swimming is a total-body workout that you can consider instead of just going to the gym.

Swimming builds your body from your shoulders to your arms and back. You don’t need to put together different exercises for different parts of your body since the four strokes of swimming will do the job for you.

What Are the Benefits Of Swimming

​6) Optimal for Cross-Training

​Swimming is ensured to be optimal for cross-training that can be the break (and not break at the same time) that you need against your activities with high impact.

Experts believe that in order to stay fit, it is necessary to have a well-balanced workout routine, and not a burn-out gym class session. This is why, for a great workout, swimming will be an excellent break from all the intense activities.

7) ​Increases Your Flexibility

​Ensured to increase your flexibility, swimming helps the body’s muscles to have the important stretching and relaxation they need.

​Since the water supports your legs and arms to make larger movements, further stretching is possible and would allow you more movement compared when your feet are on the ground.

Swimming also opens up your joints that could elongate your entire body. It can also prevent your muscles from soreness and tightness and your body from impurities and toxins.

8) ​Strengthens and Tones Your Muscles

​One of the benefits of swimming is the strengthening of your core body muscles. The exercise uses all muscles in the body.

In fact, it is said that 70% of the entire exercise demands effort from the upper body, as well as includes excellent leg workout and fin workouts.

The water for swimming plays an important role in helping to tone the muscles in your body. It is a complete combination of the cardio’s resistance training, metabolism-boosting, and lean muscle building.

9) ​Increases Your Energy Levels

​Swimming is highly possible to increase energy levels. Since it involves frequent action and movement, it can continuously power you with energy. Two of the main causes of large energy are aging, and inactivity and swimming cater to the latter.

​In fact, a simple 30 minutes of swimming every other day can guarantee to boost your energy levels and even increase the rate of your metabolism along with it.

Benefits Of Swimming

10) ​Strengthens Your Lungs And Breathing Capabilities

​Swimming is a treatment that sometimes people with breathing problems undergo. It is known to allow in moist air and be able to reduce symptoms of asthma and other breathing problems and difficulties.

And since swimming would require breathing control, it can also improve the overall capacity of your lungs and breathing. It is said that the body in water is in premium condition, where it can efficiently use oxygen.

​In fact, there has been a study to claim that swimmers have a better tidal volume that ensures lower blood pressure and resting heart rates.

11) ​Excellent Life-Saving Skill to Learn

​Swimming is a definite lifesaving skill that can always be useful at the best and worst times. And this is one of the best reasons to learn how to swim in the first place.

Not only is swimming a perfect pleasure activity and fitness workout, but it can also save lives. And the more skilled you become from swimming, the more people you can save.

12) ​Great Anti-Аging Tool

​Swimming is an awesome anti-aging tool due to several reasons, including the fact that it can help people to quit smoking. Not only the fact that technically, you can’t smoke while swimming anyway, but also because smoking can make it hard for you to breathe, especially when you go swimming.

More than this, research shows that swimmers biologically look 20 years younger than their original age compared to other people. And this is because swimming affects the following positively:

  • Blood Pressure;
  • Cardiovascular Performance;
  • Central Nervous System Health;
  • Cholesterol Levels;
  • Cognitive Functioning;
  • Muscle Mass;

​13) Can Make You Smarter

​Can swimming really make you smarter and improve brainpower?

​Based on a study from the Journal of Physiology, there is 14% of the increase in blood flow to the brain when people are submerged in the water.

14) ​Fun and Refreshing to Do

​Swimming is definitely a recreational thing to do. Who wouldn’t enjoy going to the pool and having the leisure to play with water?

More than that, it is also an activity that is usually done together with the family. And this established the idea that swimming has always been a fun and refreshing activity for the entire family.

15) ​Lowers Risk of Some Diseases

Swimming lowers the risk of some of the most fatal diseases today, including the following:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Type-2 Diabetes

It can also benefit people suffering from the following diseases:

  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

​These diseases are found to be classified as a critical illness that anyone could have along the way.


​With all the reasons stated above, it is certain now that you will have all the reasons to get into swimming. Aside from the fact that it is a fun sport, it can help you with your overall physical wellbeing.

With swimming, you’ll enjoy it while getting healthy.

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