The Benefits of Water Softener on Health

The Benefits of Water Softener on Health

“Do you prefer hard or soft water?” That’s a common question a homeowner might ask a visitor. Well, not many people are aware of the difference between the two. Probably you’ve heard about water softeners from your house contractor, Municipal Council, the Sewerage & Water Board, or your local hardware store.

While there are many questions about these devices, this article will address everything to do with water softeners.

What is a Water Softener?

In simple words, a water softener is a device that softens hard water. But that will raise the question, what is hard water? (We’ll get to that). This softening of hard water involves getting rid of the high level of certain minerals to make the water conducive for drinking.

Water softening is the cutting down of magnesium and calcium in hard water to moderate levels. The process also involves removing particular metal cautions in the water.

Water Softener

Soft Water vs. Hard Water

Water is crystal clear, so that means it’s hard to detect the difference in appearance. However, soft water and hard water are distinguished from the properties in the given liquid. The significant difference between soft and hard water is the levels of calcium and magnesium. A higher amount of the two minerals make water hard, while minimal levels make it soft.

You can quickly tell if water is hard or soft by performing simple experiments. For example, you can detect hard water if:

  • There’s a feeling of a film on your skin after washing your hands;
  • Mineral stains on clothes;
  • Spots on silverware and glasses;
  • Reduces water pressure in your home.

On the other hand, you will know its soft water if:

  • It lathers easily with soap;
  • No stains on clothes (if they are cleaner and don’t wear and tear easily);
  • There’s the good water pressure in your home;
  • A slight taste of sodium.

Benefits of Soft Water

You might want to head over to and get your water softener, but you have to know the importance of soft water. Some of the benefits of soft water include:

  • Better skin – using soft water ensures you get to film after taking a shower. However, the film blocks pores, can cause some severe skin conditions, plus it’s uncomfortable.
  • Good hair – soft water ensures your shampoo lathers quickly, which helps you clean your hair to prevent dandruff or a dull appearance.
  • Safe for your kidneys – taking soft water helps the kidneys clean off toxic substances emitted through urine. Hard water introduces more filtration since they have high mineral levels that make it hard for your organs to operate correctly.
  • Increase energy levels – the body needs soft water for the muscle cells to get a good fluid balance which helps them produce energy.
  • Quench your thirst – soft water tastes better and helps you stay hydrated.
  • Reduce risks of waterborne diseases – hard water is full of disease-causing microorganisms that cause cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Soft water is safe and free from such microorganisms.
  • Give good mineral balance – unlike hard water with high levels of calcium and magnesium, soft water has balanced mineral levels.
  • Improve fertility in men – high mineral levels can disrupt male reproduction hormones, affecting fertility in men. Soft water is more conducive for it has balanced mineral levels.

What are Water Softener

Health Benefits of Water Softeners

With the clear importance of soft water, water softeners might be something you’re thinking of including in your home. However, you must know the impact it’ll have on your family’s lives. Some benefits of a water softener include

1) Water Softeners Reduce Kitchen Utensils Damage

When you wash your kitchen utensils with hard water, they get persistent stains on them. This affects not only the appearance but also the durability because they become weak in the process. It also becomes a problem when you want to use them because they don’t seem clean and can’t serve guests. Other than the spots, they become dull, etching, and have soap film.

2) Water Softeners Avoids Build Up of Detergent Curd and Soap Film in Cleaning Devices

Soap film is the most annoying aspect of hard water. You get it on your skin, hair, cleaning devices, and even surfaces. Water softeners ensure you get rid of detergent curd and soap film in your cleaning devices such as washing machines and dishwashers. That way, they will function properly and effectively. It will also avoid the spots on utensils and stains on clothes.

3) Water Softeners Reduce Faucets and Pipes Damage

Hard water causes clogging of pipes because of salt and mineral build-up as water passes through them. Using water softeners will save you the hassle of fixing and replacing pipes and faucets because soft water doesn’t clog waterways. In addition, this will save you the cost you’d incur by calling in a pro to resolve the situation.

4) Water Softeners Increases the Lifetime of Water Appliances

Soft water is minimal to zero effects on water appliances. The likes of coffee makers, electric kettles, washing machines, and dishwashers can get soap film if hard water is used in them. That will affect their functionality and effectiveness and might end up damaging them eventually.

5) Water Softeners Reduce Mineral Consumption

Water softeners filter out the excessive calcium, magnesium, and any other minerals from hard water. That prevents the excessive consumption of such minerals through drinking soft water.

The Benefits of Water Softener on Health

6) Water Softeners are Good for Skin Nourishment

You wouldn’t want a soap film from hard water. It is uncomfortable, but it also has some health disadvantages, and the main one is cleanliness. Water softeners will ensure you have soft water flowing through your shower, which will help you enjoy your bath and guarantee clean and healthy skin.

7) Water Softeners Ensure Your Hot Water Heaters are In Perfect Working Condition

Heating hard water produces scales which are solid deposits of calcium carbonate that result from the heating process. These deposits can reduce the life of your water heater and reduce its efficiency. Water softeners ensure you don’t go through the experience since soft water produces no such deposits on your water heaters after being heated.

8) Water Softeners Save on Soap and Shampoo Use

Water softeners produce soft water, which lathers easily with soap. This ensures that you use less soap during your cleaning, which saves up on your budget.

9) Water Softeners Help You Save on Energy

When hard water causes scales on water heaters, it results in more energy to heat water. That increases the energy costs due to the increase in the time needed to heat the water. Water softeners ensure that you save on energy since your water heaters will be in perfect working conditions.

10) Water Softeners Increase the Intake of Sodium

Water softeners produce soft water that contains an increased amount of sodium content. Sodium has tons of health benefits as they boost our general immunity.

How to Choose the Right Water Softener

It is essential to know how to select the right water softener for your home. The things that you should consider while shopping for one includes

  • The type of water softener;
  • The size of the water softener;
  • Consider your dietary needs;
  • Know which water in your home should be softened;
  • The required maintenance – know what maintenance is required for each;
  • Look for automation functions – go for one that automatically switches to the regeneration cycle to avoid manual switching;
  • Amount of water to be softened – different water softeners have a capacity, and you should consider that depending on the amount of water you require softened;
  • The price – what’s your budget?

Water softeners are the ideal inclusion in your home. They play a significant role in ensuring that you live a healthy life and save on the costs of repairing and maintaining water appliances. In addition, it guarantees cleanliness to your home and provides overall comfort. However, you should purchase the best water softener for you for efficient results in your home.

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The Benefits of Water Softener on Health
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