Tip: Deadlift Every Day to Get Stronger

deadlift every day

Doing deadlift every day will make you stronger

A deadlift is a skill-based movement that takes considerable practice to hone and refine. It should be performed daily in order to keep that pattern sharp and to show significant improvement. You may also consider deadlifting barefoot.

You can perform the deadlift in various ways including high max reps and low-intensity reps as well. Deadlift should be practiced every day to perfect the form. Doing deadlift every day wrong can severely injure one’s body.

You must make sure to maintain your breathing and form as you work through the movements. Especially when most times you will be carrying close to max weight. Continued practicing will ensure muscle memory and safe completion every time attempted.

Here’s an example of how you could work on deadlifting every day or involve some sort of deadlifting movement and form on a regular basis:


Max-tension development, using only 75% of your max weight. Do 10 sets of 5 reps. Rest as needed in between the sets.


Max speed. Use 60% of your max weight and work on pulling the weight from the floor to lockout as fast as possible. Do 8 sets of 3 reps. Rest in between sets.

everyday deadlifting


Near-max lifts. Use 90% of your max weight. Complete a couple of lightweight, warm-up sets. Then perform 10 single rep sets at 90% of max weight. Rest as needed between sets.


20 x 20 kettlebell swings performed for a minute to complete a set. Work on getting the hips to snap the movement fast and hard while keeping the core tense and strong. Rest between each set. Try 5 sets, if not as many sets as you can comfortably do.


Pause x 2 deadlifts. Use 75% of your max weight. On the way up, pause for 3 seconds at 3 inches below the knee, then again at 3 inches above the knee, and then finish at lockout. Lower the weight in one move. Complete 6 sets of 5 reps. Rest between sets.


Using 85% of your max, do 1 rep every 30 seconds for 10 minutes.


Rest day.

How much do I need to deadlift to see results

deadlift daily

This varies for everyone, but you essentially want to do enough to get stronger, but not too much where you cannot recover. The best way to do this is to experiment through trial and error using the principles of progressive overload.

Do not forget to add to much load or weight. This can cause severe muscle damage or bodily injury.

If you are a beginner, start with a couple of sessions a week, and adjust only the reps or the weight. As you progress, you can adjust accordingly by adding or reducing weight and days.

Keep in mind is that your strength levels will vary day to day depending on a wide variety of factors such as your sleep or nutrition and muscle fatigue. Do not beat yourself up if you have a day that feels off.

In general, your strength will increase as time passes. After you master the conventional deadlift, then work on the sumo deadlift. It will definitely be a nice new challenge to improve your deadlift form and max weight.

Benefits of deadlifting every day

Deadlifting every day helps improve skill acquisition. If you want to work on a new technique (i.e., transitioning to the advanced sumo deadlift), then completing deadlift’s daily is a must. Repetition is needed for skill acquisition and deadlifting every day can help achieve that result quicker.

Doing deadlift every day could be used as a stimulus to break through plateaus. Generally, when you plateau, your progress stalls and you need to introduce something new to begin to show improvement again.

Deadlifting increases muscle strength in your back, core, arms, lats, and parts of your legs. It is a great workout to target multiple parts of the body with only one workout. Then adding variations to the deadlift will affect the body in even more ways.

deadlift everyday

Just by altering one thing you can reach a new muscle to strengthen. It is quite incredible.

You also might just like deadlifting every day or enjoy the challenge of doing so. If it makes your training more enjoyable, then go for it! Give this routine a try and see if it works for you.

At the end of the day, you will never know unless you try. If this routine does not work for you completely, then alter it. You will continue to change the plan as the weeks go on.

Quick tips for doing deadlift every day

  • Warm-up properly before every workout. Start with a general warm-up stretch, then warm up further by completely the deadlift movement with extremely light weights then you would normally use. Make sure to stretch in between reps and sets as needed.
  • Listen to your body. It is better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Remember the program is a guideline and is subject to change depending on how you feel. Reduce the load if you feel the need to! Also, do not lift to a point where your form breaks down. Once you lose form, you raise the risk of injury and hindering your improvement.
  • Increase your frequency slowly. Do not dramatically increase your frequency. An example is deadlifting 1 time per week to 7 times per week with no gradual increase. Your body will need time to adjust. Do not overload it or you will not get the results you desire.
  • If, after reading this, you still do not want to try deadlifting, there are plenty of other exercises that may spark your interest. Keep experimenting and looking to find the ones that work for you. With time, you may end up liking deadlifts and adding them to your current regimen.

Final thoughts

Working out is just part of the work. Taking care of yourself with proper nutrition and adequate rest is key to success. Maintaining complete balance incorporates sound body, mind, and spirit.

If you excel in deadlifts and nothing else, you will not fully achieve your desired goals. If you work your body extremely hard but do not feed it, or provide it with sufficient rest, then the body will begin to give out rather than improve.

Thank you for reading. As always, work hard, have fun, and stay well. Want some badass challenge? Here is the 100 rep challenge that you can start for an awe physics.

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