Clean and Jerk vs. Clean and Press – Differences and Benefits

Do you know the difference between a jerk and a press? One is a weightlifting movement or technique driven by your legs, while the other is driven by your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Do you know which one is which? The jerk is the technique driven by your legs, so the press is the technique driven by your upper body.

If you look at the technique behind these exercises, or especially the form, you might not fully understand all of the differences at first.

There are diagrams explaining each technique, and you can also watch tutorial videos or watch someone do the weightlifting exercises in person. Do you have a personal trainer or a weightlifting buddy or mentor?

Clean and Jerk vs. Clean and Press – Which Exercise Is Better?

Now it is time to look more closely at each of these techniques. When it comes to clean and jerk vs. clean and press, is one better than the other? It is more important to realize that they are completely different than each other, as well as being complementary.

They are essentially used as techniques for the same weightlifting exercise, but they benefit different parts of the body.

clean and jerk vs. clean and press

When you are lifting weights, you are focusing on muscle groups. If you do a clean and press, you can focus on building upper body strength. If you do a clean and jerk, you can focus on building lower body strength or strength in your legs.

Clean and Jerk vs. Clean and Press – Complex Movements

It is important to note that each of these weight lifting exercises doesn’t focus only on one area and leave out the other. For example, when it comes to the clean and jerk, you aren’t only using your legs.

During the actual movement, it should be mentioned that you are indeed mostly using your legs. However, you have to consider the support phase as well, and your arms are in use during that phase for sure.

Did you know that during a jerk, your legs are split? When you are doing a press, you, of course, keep your legs side by side.

The diagrams will help you learn these techniques a little, but you are going to want to watch someone actually do the lifts so that you get the techniques down. Learning about them this way, however, is fine.

You Will Need a Spotter

Are you going to need a spotter? When thinking about these two weightlifting techniques, how do they fit into your workout regimens?

Notice I said ‘regimens’ plural because that is how weightlifters do their thing. You have to focus on different muscle groups on different days.

Perhaps you have more of a need for one of these techniques mentioned over the other. It is important to learn as much as you can about weightlifting so that you can build a solid workout regimen for when you go to the gym.

You need to know not just the techniques but how much weight is good for you personally when planning your reps.

That is why it really is a good idea to at least start out with a personal trainer as possible. A personal trainer can help you in so many ways.

Chiefly, think of a personal trainer as a mentor. He or she is teaching you something you are passionate about, something he or she knows about quite a lot more than you do at the moment.

clean and jerk clean and press exercise

Start by Watching Tutorial Online

It is amazing the amount of information that you can find online these days about weightlifting though, isn’t it? That might help minimize how many sessions you need monthly with a personal trainer. You can supplement your knowledge base with online resources.

In between sessions, you can use online resources as refresher courses or guides to help you maintain the right form and technique.

So far, you might even be thinking that there are only the jerk and the press. However, it gets much more complicated than that just when examining these two weightlifting techniques.

For example, there is the power clean and press, the clean and jerk push jerk and the clean and jerk split. Those are just a few examples of the differentiation.

How Often Should You Perform CJ and CP?

What else is there to look into regarding clean and jerk vs. clean and press (CJ and CP)? If you are going to incorporate these exercises into your workout routine, should they be used weekly?

If so, how many days? When you do use them, are there similar exercises that you can substitute at times to keep things fresh?

It is certainly always important to keep things fresh when working out so that you don’t get burned out.

So many people have a session or two with a personal trainer and learn so much that they think they know all they need to know in order to keep going. Wrong. In fact, it takes continued learning to build a repertoire of exercises.

You continue to learn more about exercises, techniques, benefits and about your body.

If you studied with a personal trainer, you would also be taking a close look at nutrition, which is important to bodybuilding. You are going to learn much more about the importance of proteins and structured dieting.

clean and jerk clean and press weightlifting


Are you excited? You may have come here just to learn more specifically about clean and jerk vs. clean and press, but you got more than you bargained for, that is for sure.

If you are going to get serious about those techniques, it means you are dedicated to learning weightlifting and are passionate about your goals.

Keep striving to learn all you can, and stay focused on working hard. Remember how important technique is in regards to your workouts.

Technique and form are a serious part of weightlifting so that you don’t injure yourself and get the most out of your workouts.

Are you ready to give it all you’ve got? With the right technique and form, you can do that. Also, take the advice about a personal trainer seriously.

I know hiring one is an extra expense, but he or she can help you even more with things like clean and jerk vs. clean and press.