Benefits Of Waking Up Early: 7 Reasons to Do So

Benefits Of Waking Up Early 7 Reasons to Do So

Is it possible that waking early offers real, appreciable benefits to those who do it? The answer appears to be in the affirmative.

For me, getting up early is something I do of my own accord. I begin work at an early hour, so getting up before many others is something to which I have grown accustomed.

However, more recently, I have been waking at this time of day even if there is no apparent need to do so. This will probably surprise some of my family members tremendously!

The bottom line is that the apparent benefits of early rising have converted me for good.

If you are among those who remain unconvinced, allow me to present what I believe are the very best justifications for getting up early and how you are sure to benefit.

1) The connection between early rising and stronger academic performance

If you are a student, it is worth noting that researchers in Texas discovered that academically-minded people who were also early risers tended to score higher on tests and achieve better grades than those who remained in bed longer.

Connection Between Early Rising And Stronger Academic Performance

While this does not mean that the simple act of getting up early will instantly boost your grade point average, it does point to the fact that those who are early risers generally establish healthy routines that include eating a healthy breakfast.

2) Early rising helps maintain proper eating habits

These thoughts lead me to another potential positive. It is common for those who sleep in late to skip eating breakfast to catch a few more minutes of slumber.

This is never a good idea because the human body requires nutrients to start the day, attain focus and sustain concentration.

While asleep, the body is in a fasting state, and it is important to consume healthy calories upon rising. You can also get some melatonin with iHerb discount code for existing customers page.

Neglecting the morning meal can send the body into what is known as starvation mode, which can ultimately lead to overeating later in the day.

Having breakfast at the appropriate time can assist you in following a sound diet plan throughout the day.

3) Productivity gains

It is well-known that many of the world’s most successful individuals are in the habit of rising early. The fundamental fact is that those who get up early accomplish more.

Early risers have been found to take more proactive stances in their daily lives. There are many ways in which an early start tends to spark greater productivity.

First of all, fewer distractions occur in the first hours of the day, something which facilitates the process of getting things done.

Also, right after a solid night of sleep, the brain is fully charged and prepared to get going, something that further aids in productivity. Those who rise early are decisive planners who set and reach their goals.

Though some early risers may initially feel a bit grouchy when they start, this will begin to fade as a routine sets in, and the noticeable energy gains become apparent.

4) Mental health benefits

Though it is not mentioned as frequently as some of the other benefits, getting up early can make a real difference in your mental health.

The tone set in the early part of the day plays a significant role in your overall experience going forward. Getting up earlier offers you the chance to lower stress levels due to the absence of rushing and worrying.

Mental Health Benefits

The change in attitude that results from this is incredible. Research suggests that those who are morning people exhibit greater optimism, positivity, and satisfaction with life than those who are always up late at night.

Though creativity may flourish at midnight, those who are not early risers may be more vulnerable to depression and other disorders.

5) Additional workout time

Getting up before most others also offers the benefit of allowing more time for physical exercise.

While it is indeed okay to do your workouts at the end of the workday, exercising in the morning frees that time for more enjoyable endeavors such as socializing and relaxing.

If you wish you had a more regimented workout routine, consider shifting things to the morning. If you find that your mood tends to drag upon waking each day, working out is a great way to get energized quickly.

Your body and mind will thank you for the jolt of activity that keeps lethargy at bay for the rest of the day.

6) Facilitates better sleep

Those who wake early tend to have their sleep patterns nicely regulated. Thus, the usually go to bed at the same early hour each day and rise at the same hour each morning.

Sleep scientists have long argued that it is necessary to get into a solid routine with sleep so that the body clock is regulated. In this way, a natural and beneficial pattern can be created.

Though you may be under the impression that sleeping late on weekend days is an excellent way to catch up on lost slumber, the overall impact of doing so is not beneficial.

7) Basking in the calm

Having some quiet moments each day is a powerful tool and many who get up early mention this as a critical benefit of their habit.

When you get up before everyone else in your household, you can enjoy some peaceful time to reflect and plan your day.

This is also true even if you have to leave the house for a daily commute. Getting into the office before my co-workers are something I have grown to relish, as I can get things going quietly without distractions and commotion.

This is when I am best able to focus on the tasks ahead. This is an excellent video about why early rising is so beneficial to just about everyone’s daily life.

The bottom line

Everyone has likely heard the old saw that heading to bed early and rising early brings health, wealth and wisdom. Experience does, in fact, seem to bear this out.

The discrete advantages of rising early can be put into one giant beneficial basket regarding health and well-being.

It is even possible that engaging in this practice over the long run will bring life without afflictions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular trouble and more.

The reasons for this are clear. Eating well right from the early start each morning can help our bodies remain in top condition. Regular exercise keeps the heart healthy, burns excess calories and improves lung capacity.

Keeping stress at manageable levels reduces the load on the body and may even lower the risk of cancer, depression, ADD, mood disorders and more. Lower blood pressure is an additional benefit that can be obtained.

Basking In The Calm

When the obvious positives of early rising begin to manifest themselves, you will find it more comfortable and more comfortable to adapt to this new way of living.

Your body will feel better, and your mind will work as well. Navigating previously stressful events will become much easier, and your overall mindset will improve.

Quality of life, in general, will be amazingly better, and the benefits of your new habit will be crystal clear.

The myriad of adjustments to your mind and body facilitated by this simple decision is sure to amaze you and those you love.

While for some, the idea of getting up early every day may seem like a daunting prospect; the key is to make such a change as gradually as is necessary to stay committed to the process.

Consider starting by adjusting your bedtime and your wake time by 15 minutes or so each day, adding onto that amount when you are able.

The differences in your energy and outlook will begin to appear sooner than you expect, and you will feel eager to continue the shift.

Are you someone who enjoys rising before everyone else, or is sleeping in late something you simply love.

I am fascinated by this topic, and would really like to learn more about the way you view sleep.

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