Best Coconut Oil Products and Supplements: Top 10 Brands Reviewed

Best Coconut Oil Products and Supplements Top 10 Brands Reviewed

No longer just a fad, it seems as if coconut oil products have become a full-on and nationwide obsession. You cannot be on the internet for more than ten minutes before another article that sings its praises and quotes its many virtues, comes stumbling your way.

You can make killer vegan baked goods with it, it is delicious, it doubles as an all-purpose beauty product, and it seems to have countless health benefits. There is, however, a major downside that accompanies coconut oil's sudden burst of popularity.

Grocery stores are now packed with endless varieties of this product, they all carry a carousel of label claims, which are very confusing. ​So if you are looking for maximum nutrition and delicious taste, which one do you buy?

​Well, we have what you are looking for. ​Here are the most important things to take into consideration before you purchase your next jar of coconut oil best brand.

Which Are the Top Rated Coconut Oil Brands

​There are many facts about coconut oil that you should consider as coconuts are a superfood. ​This includes the top-rated coconut oil brands, coconut oil supplements if you can't eat coconut oil, how to cook with the oil, and the pros and cons of the oil.

But where do you buy virgin coconut oil? Below you can see a link to each product from the places I usually buy my virgin coconut oil brand.

1) Nutiva Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • Organic Superfood
  • 100% Less Cholesterol Than Butter​
  • 0 g Trans Fats
  • Non-BPA Container
  • No Hexane
  • Non-Hydrogenated
  • 62% MCTs

What Is Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil

As one of the most nourishing foods, coconut offers up a creamy taste from the tropics. It's ideal for sauteing and baking and a great way to enhance your favorite body wash and your favorite recipe.

Nutiva coconut oil is one of the best brands of coconut oil available. This coconut oil is cold-pressed and is not refined, bleached, or deodorized before bottling.

This brand is ideal for medium-heat cooking because it offers a smooth and sweet flavor. You can also use Nutiva extra virgin coconut oil as a substitute when baking, on foods like corn and to wet vegetables.

This brand of oil can also be used on the hair and skin. You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer, makeup remover, or a conditioning hair treatment. To create an exfoliating scrub, you can combine coconut oil with sugar and essential oils. ​

Unrefined and cold-pressed, simply pure coconut oil offers up a rich aroma and light, refreshing taste. ​If you've over flavored something with coconut, add just a pinch of salt to reduce the coconut flavor.

​Containing 62 percent of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, with lauric and caprylic acids, it's the most simply pure food source. Nutiva coconut oil 54 oz. is made with no pesticides and no GMOs. There are also no hexanes.

Suggested Uses:

  • Coconut oil is an ideal cooking oil over medium heat. It's far superior to butter on bread, vegetables, and popcorn.
  • It's an ideal nutritious substitute for massage oils, skincare, and even for baking.

2) Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • Good for Cooking
  • Pure & Unrefined - Cold Pressed
  • Organic, extra virgin
  • Unrefined & unbleached from non-GMO coconuts
  • Hexane-free
  • 62% MCTs - 8.7 g medium-chain triglycerides per serving.​

Nature’s way of coconut oil is another brand to consider, which is pure and cold-pressed. ​This brand is also organic and unrefined. The coconuts used are non-GMO, and the oil does not contain any solvents making it virgin oil.

​Suggested Uses:

  • Nature's way certified organic virgin coconut oil enhances the flavor of the food and is ideal for cooking, baking, or sauteing up to 350°.

3) Spectrum Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • Expeller Pressed
  • American Master of Taste Gold Superior Taste
  • For Medium Heat
  • No Hydrogenated Fat

​With the scent of freshly opened coconut and a clean natural flavor, Spectrum coconut oil is perfect for the kitchen. Ideal in an upside-down pineapple cake or just as comfortable in a Malaysian saute, coconut oil is here to stay.

​The ability to moisturize and condition the skin, coconut oil is ideal in every room of the house.

​Suggested Uses:

  • To use in body care, simply place your jar of coconut oil into some hot water to liquefy it. Gently massage the liquefied coconut oil into your skin or hair.
  • If using in hair, you can gently rinse after an hour.
  • ​Ideal for sauteing foods at medium heat. The oil's full flavor will be released and impart a delicious flavor to the foods that are sauteed in it. It will impart a delicate flavor into baked foods as well.

4) Barlean's Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • Cold Pressed
  • Island Fresh
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Hydrogenated
  • Organic Solvent & Chemical Free
  • Barlean's - World's Freshest Coconut Oil!​
  • Cold-Expeller Pressed Fresh​

Barlean's coconut oil is rich in lauric acid & caprylic acid, and it makes it a great source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

​MCTs are a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefits - from improved cognitive function to better weight management. ​Nearly 62-65% of the coconut oil fatty acids are MCTs.

How to Use This Product

  • Coconut oil products can be used straight, in cooking, baking or frying — as a spread on toast or muffins and as a massage/body oil or hair tonic.
  • No refrigeration required.

5) Jarrow Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • Expeller Pressed
  • Rich & Full Coconut Flavor
  • Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • No Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs)
  • No Hydrogenation​

Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil is a certified organic virgin coconut oil directly from the flesh of the coconut palm. It's unrefined, and it's readily expressed in an indoor environment that is all controlled.

​Ideal as it uses no solvents or preservatives of any kind. This ensures that there are no volatile compounds in the end product. ​Perfect for imparting a rich, delicious flavor in anything that you're cooking.

Suggested Use:

One of the best benefits of coconut oil is that it's shelf-stable for long periods of time. ​The melting point is 75 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be utilized in both solid as well as liquid forms for:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Skincare

6) Garden Of Life Coconut Oil

Product Overview:

  • 100% Organic
  • No GMOs
  • Vegetarian
  • USDA Organic
  • Certified Organic by QAI

What Is Garden of Life Coconut Oil

Perhaps the healthiest and most versatile of all of the oils in the world, coconut oil is ideal for cooking, skincare, and more. It imparts a natural moisturizing benefit to the skin and hair, and it imparts a fresh-tasting flavor and aroma to cooking.

An added benefit to the Garden of Life coconut oil 32 oz is that it's not only shelf stable but also a perfect saturated fat that is free from trans-fatty acids. With a medium-chain fatty acid of lauric acid, it's a perfect accompaniment to foods and skincare products as well.

Ideal for a healthy diet and lifestyle it also helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unlike other refined oils; it's not a hydrogenated oil. It's never refined or bleached, and there's never any need to deodorize it.

​Produced by the same method of farming that has been used for ages, Coconut oil is a perfect food. ​The meat is derived from organically grown coconuts and shredded, and the oil is cold-pressed from the coconut.

​Suggested Use:

Use garden of life coconut oil in cooking, frying, baking or smoothies. It can be used in place of other oils, including butter.​

7) Carrington Farms Coconut Cooking Oil

Product Overview:

  • Pure, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin
  • Perfect for healthy high heat cooking up to 350ºF
  • No Trans & Hydrogenated Fats
  • Made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra
  • Gluten-Free & Non-GMO
  • Chemical Free
  • The container is Reusable, Hexane-Free & BPA Free​

​According to nutritionists, coconut oil is the healthiest oil on the face of the earth. Carrington farms coconut cooking oil is simply pressed and bottled, retaining its original nutritional content and color.

​Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is Ideal for all of your health and energy needs.

​Suggested Use:

  • Perfect as a replacement for all of your fats and butter needs.
  • Ideal for sauteing vegetables, roasting sweet potatoes and adding directly to smoothies and oatmeal.
  • Perfect on popcorn and in all baked goods.
  • Beauty And Health: Ideal as a moisturizer for hair and skin.

8) Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 120 Softgels

Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Product Overview:

  • Made with organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • Certified organic by QAI
  • Made with certified organic coconut oil
  • Non-GMO
  • Cold-pressed, solvent free
  • No trans fat

What Is Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Product

Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil supplements is expeller-pressed from the dried flesh (copra) of the coconut palm fruit and does not utilize any chemical solvents in the manufacturing process.

Coconut oil is a source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), such as lauric acid (C-12) and caprylic acid (C-8).

How to Take Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil Extra Virgin

Take 1 softgel 1 or 2 times per day or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

9) Healthy Origins Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Healthy Origins Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Product Overview:

  • Non-GMO
  • 100% natural
  • Soy-free
  • Product of the Philippines
  • One of Nature's healthiest cooking oils
  • Contains 62% medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)
  • USDA organic
  • Certified organic by pro-cert
  • Certified Kosher by the Orthodox union
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Healthy Origins Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Product

For many generations, coconut oil has been a dietary staple in African, Asian and Polynesian cultures for its fatty acid content, great taste, and abundance.

Healthy Origins Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil product is:

  • Cold-pressed;
  • 100% pure;
  • Kosher certified.

How to Take Healthy Origins Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Take one (1) tablespoon once or twice daily with a meal.

10) Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels

Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil Product Overview:

  • Non-GMO
  • Trans fat-free
  • Kosher - contains gelatin
  • Nutritional oils
  • Certified organic by QAI
  • GMP quality assured
  • Fatty acid blend
  • Abundant in MCTs
  • Cold-pressed and unrefined
  • Made with certified organic coconut oil

What Is Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil Product

People around the world consume coconut oil. In fact, it's a dietary staple of those living in the Pacific Islands, Asia, and Africa. It has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years.

Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil supplementst doesn't involve using solvents during the manufacturing process, and it is a cold-pressed oil. Coconut oil doesn't contain trans-fats, and it contains quite a bit of Medium Chair Triglycerides, which includes caprylic acid and lauric acid.

If you are following a sensible lipid program, then you should add coconut oil to the mix because it is the perfect addition. If you want to experience the benefits of coconut oil, then purchase NOW Coconut Oil today.

How to Take Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil Product

Take 3 softgels daily with food.

Liquid Coconut Oil or Solid Coconut Oil

Both solid coconut oil and liquid coconut oil are usually carried by most grocery stores — even though they will both be labeled as coconut oil, they are not the exact same product. ​All saturated fats, which include lard, butter, and yes coconut oil, at room temperature should be solid.

​The options of liquefied coconut oil have gone through additional processing, which eliminates some of those fatty acids, which are what actually helps to keep it in its solid-state.

​Nutiva Coconut Oil has the perfect solid texture. It is one of my favorites, and I assume that this is one of the best coconut oil brands on the market.

Jessica Levinson, a dietitian from Nutritioulicious, says that this is a big no-no; all health benefits associated with coconut oil are directly linked to those fatty acids which have been removed. Much as you buy apples instead of applesauce, this is why you should purchase solid coconut oil; it is much closer to its most natural state. ​

Should You Buy Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

​This is great news for the coconut oil addict who is also budget-conscious: Culinary nutritionist Jackie Newgent, RD, who is also the author of the All-Natural Diabetes.

​Cookbook, explains that there are no significant pesticide residues found on coconuts, therefore buying certified organic virgin coconut oil is not essential. ​It is the same case for label claims that are non-GMO.

​Currently, there are no varieties of coconut oil that have been genetically modified, so there is no need to overspend on some best coconut oil brands that boast its non-GMO status.

There is one exception if the coconut oil you are purchasing is refined, we will address this subject a bit later, it is a smart choice to choose organic, this is because an organic production forbids the use of hexane which is an oil-extraction chemical.

​You can use this cold-pressed, 100% organic oil to help your skin to be happy, healthy, smooth, and soft. ​ However, it is hard to find a coconut oil brand that doesn't sell an organic coconut oil product. ​Even claimed as organic, Nature's way coconut oil is still at a very affordable price in comparison to its highest quality coconut oil.

Best Coconut Oil Products and Supplements

Refined vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil

​If at all possible, opt for coconut oils that are labeled as “extra virgin,” “unrefined,” and/or “cold-pressed,” that being said, steer clear of coconut oils labeled as “deodorized.” ​If you adhere to these guidelines, you are guaranteed that the oil you choose will have been subjected to the least amount of processing.

Newgent explains:

​"'Coconut oil that is unrefined is also referred to as an extra virgin, it has been extracted from the fruit of coconuts that are fresh and mature, there have not been chemicals or high temperatures applied. ​What this means is that it still retains nutrients which can act as antioxidants.”

One of the best-unrefined coconut oil brands is Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

​On the other hand, most coconut oils that are refined have been chemically extracted from coconut meat that is dry and has been bleached and deodorized; therefore, its levels of antioxidants have been depleted.

Although this is not the case with each coconut oil brand: There are some refined coconut oil brands, especially those that are organic, which have been extracted with the use of steam, to be sure, make sure you look over the manufacturer's website.

​There is a place in the kitchen for refined coconut oil, and its smoke point is higher than unrefined versions, therefore when it comes to cooking, it is more versatile — however, our experts still recommend that for most purposes, you use coconut oil that is unrefined or cold-pressed. ​

Fractionated Coconut Oil Whole Foods

Are you wondering what does fractionated coconut oil mean? First of all, the term fractionate refers to something that is part of the whole object, substance, and so forth.

​In regards to fractionated coconut oil whole foods, it means that the fatty acids were removed from it, and those acids are used for various things. ​They are used in cosmetics, diets, and medical uses.

Coconut Oil: Fractionated vs. Organic Extra Virgin

​The one that's usually used in a diet is organic extra virgin coconut oil, and it's what people use for cooking food. Fractionated coconut oil is a carrier oil, which is why it is often used in conjunction with lemon oil, tea tree oil, lavender, and other types of oils.

​Fractionated coconut oil is used in topical therapies, such as various types of moisturizers, hair serums, and bug repellent. One of the main differences between the two oils is you don't use fractionated oil for cooking, but it can be used for other things.

​Those with dry skin can use it because it doesn't clog pores, and it absorbs fast. It is also used on rashes because it contains antioxidants, caprylic acid, and capric acid.

Best Coconut Oil Products and Supplements Top 10 Brands Reviewed

Expeller Pressed vs. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Here are the main differences between expeller-pressed and cold-pressed coconut oil:

  • Cold-pressed coconut oil is created in an environment where heat is controlled, and when it's processed, the temperatures will never go above 120 degrees, which results in an oil that is of high quality.
  • ​Expeller-pressed oil is still good, but it's processed in an environment that involves temperatures above 120 degrees. In fact, refined oils are often processed at over 300 degrees, but this usually leads to other processing methods that may involve deodorizing and bleaching.
  • The cold-pressed oil contains a higher nutrient content than oils that were expeller-pressed. This is because it's created in lower temperatures. It's also higher in phenolic content.
  • The oil that has been expeller-pressed has a nutty flavor. This is because of the higher temperatures used in processing.
  • Cold-pressed oil has more of a coconut flavor to it. The flavor of cold-pressed coconut oil is similar to the flavor you would taste if you ate coconut meat raw.
  • Both types of coconut oils can be used for cooking, and you can use the oil for up to 350 degrees. If you want a toasted and nutty flavor, then go for expeller-pressed coconut oil.
  • ​Cold-pressed oil is good for dishes in which you want a neutral taste and a slight taste of coconut.

​The type of oil you use is completely up to you and whatever your preferences are.

Expeller Pressed Organic Coconut Oil Product

An example of good ​expeller pressed organic coconut oil is ​Jarrow Formulas Organic Coconut Oil Expeller Pressed.

​Jarrow Formulas Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) is expeller-pressed from the dried flesh (copra) of the coconut palm fruit and does not utilize any solvents in the manufacturing process.

The Connection Between Coconut Oil and Cholesterol

​There are plenty of online sources rambling on about the alleged benefits that coconut oil offers for our health — that being said, go not get overly excited.

Newgent explains that early research has suggested that the chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil could be beneficial to the waistline as it is burned for energy as opposed to stored as body fat.

​They have also shown to elevate the levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. However, they have also proven to raise the level of “bad” LDL” cholesterol. ​

​And the above-mentioned medium chains of fatty acids still remain a type of saturated fat — the type that most experts in the field of nutrition would recommend limiting.

Coconut Oil Supplements

​Using coconut oil supplements instead of using pure coconut oil from the jar has its advantages. The oil has a flavor that many consider an acquired taste, while the supplements do not have any aftertastes.

​The capsules that the supplements come in do not take up much space when compared to a jar of oil, and they are easy to transport. ​The oil in jars can also harden in colder temperatures making it hard to extract in exact amounts.

Coconut Oil Pills: Benefits and Side Effects

​When you look for coconut oil pills, you will find that they come in a range of different sizes, with the most common being 1000 mg.

You can take a few of the coconut oil capsules a day if you want to increase the amounts of healthy fats in your diet, but if you want to use the capsules to lose weight, you may need a larger amount.

​Research has shown that using these capsules can help regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Liquid Coconut Oil

​It is also possible to get liquid coconut oil if you do not want to take the capsules. ​The problem with this is the liquid oil does not have all of the acids that are present in the natural form, and there are often additives.

This could compromise the effectiveness of the oil when you use it. If you have decided to go with the liquid coconut oil and you wonder where to buy liquid coconut oil from, below are my liquid coconut oil brand recommendations.

How Much Coconut Oil to Take

When taking coconut oil supplements, you need to be aware of the dosages, and this has to be carefully monitored. You should start with small amounts of oil and determine your needs from there.

​Athletes who use the oil as a quick source of energy take 1 tablespoon as more could upset the stomach. Ten grams is the recommended amount for the best results. ​If your oil consumption is too great, you could cause diarrhea like symptoms.

How to Eat Coconut Oil

​There are several ways to include this oil in your diet. It is completely safe to eat coconut oil, and there are a number of ways to introduce this into your diet.

The first is to use the oil for cooking. ​Approximately 90% of coconut oil is saturated fats, and this makes it very stable at high temperatures and good for cooking. The oil can work as a substitute for other oils and butter in most recipes on a 1:1 ratio.

You can also add coconut oil to your tea or coffee. You should use a small amount of 1 or 2 teaspoons when you do this. Adding coconut oil to your coffee can help you burn calories as the oil contains medium-chain fatty acids instead of long-chain fatty acids.

Coconut Oil In Coffee

Adding coconut oil to your coffee is an absolute metabolism booster. ​Just add 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil in your morning coffee.

Coconut Oil, unlike most oil, contains medium-chain fatty acids, instead of long-chain fatty acids, which is claimed to burn fat. ​However, more researches are needed to confirm this fact.

Cooking with Coconut Oil

​Many people assume that cooking with coconut oil is hard, but this is not true. Coconut oil can be used as a replacement for shortening, other oils, and butter when you are baking. However, you need to consider that the oil will solidify if you combine it with cold ingredients like milk.

You will not have any issues if the recipe you need has room temperature ingredients. It is best to use virgin coconut oil when cooking, but if you do not like the taste, this has you can use expeller pressed oil.

​The oil you use should also be unrefined or refined without the use of chemicals, as this will affect your cooking. ​You should also not refrigerate anything you make with this oil because this will cause it to solidify.

Storing Coconut Oil the Right Way

You can store the oil for up to two years in a pantry or a shelf, and some people store it in the fridge, but it may become too hard and too difficult to use. If you plan on spreading and scooping the oil, the best thing to do is to store it in a pantry.

Also, transitioning coconut oil between a liquid state and solid state will not reduce its quality or shorten the storage life. Coconut oil is sold in a plastic container or a glass container, which is the better option.

​If you do decide to buy oil that is sold in a plastic container, then make sure the plastic is BPA-free because you don't want compounds that are harmful to getting into it. ​Coconut oil can be used for cooking, but do not place it in direct sunlight, and this is especially the case if the oil is in a plastic container.

The Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil

​There are many benefits that coconut oil offers that were never known until studies where one on island populations where coconut is a staple in their diet. ​Some of the benefits that were found during these studies include thyroid-stimulating effects and anti-aging properties.

​There was also a decrease in the levels of LDL cholesterol in their populations. The oil was also seen to have antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, which prevented many illnesses in the population.

There are anti-cancer effects and weight loss effects due to the stimulation of the thyroid. ​Many of the benefits of coconut oil have been linked to the presence of lauric acid.

This is a fatty acid commonly found in breast milk that helps with the immune system and overall health of newborn babies. The primary problem with coconut oil is that it has a high saturated fat content. For every tablespoon of the oil has 11.8 grams of saturated fat.

​According to the American Heart Association, the primary cause of high cholesterol is a high dietary intake of saturated fats. If you are looking to cut your saturated fat intake, then coconut oil might not be the best option for you.

In Conclusion

We are not insinuating that coconut oil is some kind of disease-causing, unforgivable dietary level — it is merely that not enough research has been conducted to dictate that it should be the main source of fat in a diet.

​Levison said: “It is my belief that not enough research exists demonstrating that coconut oil could take the place of fats such as avocado oil, olive oil or expeller-pressed canola oil which from years of experience, we know have health benefits for the heart.”

The safest bet would be to continue consuming those fat sources that have been proven to be healthy, such as avocado, olive oil, salmon, and nuts, and use coconut less often.

As Levinson explained it, “Do not eat it by the spoonful.” This does not mean that you should eliminate coconut oil — instead, just keep in mind that it is not a magical cure-all for the health.

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