Texas Method vs. 5/3/1: Workout Programs Comparison

Texas Method vs. 531 Workout Programs Comparison

In order to discover which training program is the best for your body, we’re going to put Texas method vs. 5/3/1 workout programs and the differences will emerge to let us lead a conclusion and, of course, to leave the door open for your own conjectures about the best way to give your body proper training to keep fit and be a powerful weightlifter.

1) Texas method program

1.1) What is it?

It is a training program aimed to make you achieve the maximum level of power and strength in your body. One of its pillars is to combine dynamic effort with maximal effort.

Besides, there are plenty of variations of the program that can, and should be done, when training for different purposes: weightlifting, football, MMA and many other options.

Texas Method vs. 531 Workout Programs Comparison

Basing your training on this method implies knowing that each day of the week has a specific goal to be met and the different elements and dynamics used, such as squat, bench, power clean, press, GHR/back extension, and deadlift, is neatly written on a grid so as to follow them by the book and not to miss a single possibility of missing any of the practices.

So, let’s now continue in this career of putting Texas method vs. 5/3/1 and let’s keep exploring that issue of the days of the week.

1.2) How to do the Texas method workout

This workout method is carried out only three days of the week.

  • Monday is the day though to acquire volume. That means that you will have to lift a lot of weight to develop well-shaped and stiff muscles that will help your body turn into a human-machine.
  • Wednesday is the day that has to be dedicated to recovery. Why is this? Because detraining can merciless take control of your body if there isn’t a light day to get recovered and get ready for the Friday.
  • Friday, a day many of the people who put Texas method vs. 5/3/1 fear. Friday is the day for intensity. Through the techniques used in this phase, you won’t only develop your strength, but also your resistance.

1.3) How to train if you’re undergoing the Texas method program?

The progression system the Texas method uses is very linear and simple: the only thing you’ve got to do is to add 5lbs every Friday top set and 2,5lbs a week on the movements done by the upper part of your body.

If you’re planning to compete, this system is ideal. As competitions are on Saturday, you only skip your Friday session, and you’re ready to compete. Make sure to check the guide on iHerb coupon online supplements to support your bodybuilding performance.

Texas Method vs. 531

The philosophy of the program is to make you stronger after each Friday, so recovery is an essential part of it.

Therefore, if you train on Friday, you won’t obtain the first place in the competition for sure.

The so-called periodization that most workout programs use is not used by this one, and this is another reason to put the Texas method vs. 5/3/1.

The explanation is that in the Texas method, periods specifically thought for strength, technique, hypertrophy take place.

The programming of this system is really simple since it reduces to a week what other methods take months to do: we’re talking about the microcycles that take place every Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine.

It’s important to know that other systems stretch the process by dedicating weeks to strength and the other abilities and then some days to recover.

2) 5/3/1 Power-explosive Wendler’s method to train

2.1) What is it?

To continue putting Texas method vs. 5/3/1, we’re now getting to know this other very powerful training system.

This routine is based on focusing the most important movements of the joints, such as squats, the bench press, and deadlift.

This routine program starts with a lightweight because this assures excellent progress since we’re starting at a level that is really far away from our limit.

It’s important to consider that, as it adds weight gradually to your bars and other exercises, the progress you’ll achieve is slow.

2.2) How to train if you’re undergoing the 5/3/1 method?

The program is easy and simple to understand. An advantage to consider when putting the Texas method vs. 5/3/1 is that the latter gives the person who trains options, so it’s much freer than its competitor.

If you follow this system, you can train either two or four days a week.

It’s apparently recommended to choose the last option, especially considering that the progress is slow.

Each day will be entirely dedicated to one exercise: squats, deadlifting, military press and bench press.

Texas Method vs 531 Workout

Each cycle is between four and six weeks long, and its length will depend on the number of days a week you choose to train.

The program is not easy at all since to know how much your weight is going to be increased; you need to know your MR.

In order to do a correct calculation, you’ve got to do all the repetitions you can, and then you apply the following formula: repetitions x weight x 0,0333).

3) Which one to choose: Texas method vs. 5/3/1

If you want to know which one is the winner of the endless debate that can take place when facing Texas method vs. 5/3/1, there are some strategic points you’ll have to consider before making your final decision:

  • Progress: the winner is 5/3/1 since it’s a method in which is very difficult to get stuck, you’re always making some progress. The reason? Having started miles away from your limit.
  • Speed: and here is when Texas method scores a mark for it guarantees an extremely fast progress speed. It obliges to lo load much more weight every Friday, so week after week you’re a new person.
  • Freedom: if you’re a beginner or don’t have many days available during the week to train, 5/3/1 is your program. It gives you the freedom the Texas method will never give you since the 5/3/1 allows you to train a minimum of two days a week, while when you put Texas method vs. 5/3/1, you realize that the former makes it compulsory to train three days a week, not a single day more (or less).
  • Variation: it’s undoubted that in this category Texas is the winner. If you choose the 5/3/1, you’ll spend a whole training session doing squats, while the Texas method has three different exercises in a single session.
  • Cycles: another point for the Texas method. It’s easy to see when facing Texas method vs. 5/3/1 that the former offers one week long cycles, while the latter offers a minimum of four-week cycles.
  • Program: is there any doubt left that when putting Texas method vs. 5/3/1, Texas gets another point here thanks to the easiness of its program o adding 5lbs and 2,5lbs every week compared to the very complicated program used by 5/3/1?

It’s evident that in our comparison of the Texas method vs. 5/3/1, the Texas method takes all our stars.

However, everything depends on your personal situation and case.

For example, if you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to achieve results so quickly and you prefer a quieter way of training, and that’s your priority regarding this issue of your life, your choice will definitely be 3/5/1.

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