Best Electrolyte Supplements: We Tried and Reviewed 3 Brands

Best electrolyte supplements

Your body requires a wide range of nutrients for optimal health, recovery, and wellness. While you have likely heard about protein, carbs, and fats, along with their importance to good health, you might not be as familiar with electrolyte supplements and drinks.

Electrolytes are just as crucial to your well-being. This article-review will help you to understand what they are, why you need them, and explain some crucial facts regarding electrolytes.

I will review three electrolyte drink supplements that I have personally tried, and I have tested to work. But let’s first see and understand what electrolyte supplements and drinks are.

What Are Electrolyte Supplements

Electrolytes are certain chemicals presented in your body that have many crucial functions - from heartbeat regulation to allow muscles to contract so a person can move.

The major electrolytes found in the body include:

An electrolyte imbalance can cause a variety of serious negative symptoms because electrolytes are crucial nutrients that help stimulate nerves through the body and balance fluid levels.

Best Electrolyte Supplements We Tried and Reviewed 3 Brands

You can obtain electrolytes from foods rich in minerals or by taking certain electrolyte supplements or drinks, because you lose them partially through sweating, exercise, and urinating. This is why exercising plus a poor diet, and being sick are possible causes of an electrolyte imbalance.

Drinks that contain electrolytes are generally considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the number of electrolytes in your body. However, it can be difficult for some people to figure out which drinks are the most effective and efficient.

The most well-known over the counter drink is Gatorade (Zero). This has been around for decades and is available in a wide range of flavors and sizes. However, there are others that have entered the market in recent years, each with their own benefits.

This includes flavor varieties that you might find more pleasing. You can also make your own electrolyte beverages at home. Should you choose to go this route, you will need to make sure you use a high-quality recipe and ingredients.

Product Reviews: 3 Electrolytes Drinks I Have Tried

1) Now Foods Effer-C Effervescent Drink Review

If you're seeking a healthy way to energize yourself and restore electrolytes, you might want to consider trading in those mainstream sports beverages for Now Foods Effer-C Effervescent Drink-Mix.

With a thousand milligrams of vitamin C packed into the formula, this is a drink mix that should tick all the boxes of even the most health-conscious individual.

There are several essential antioxidants and minerals included in the core ingredients as well, and there are several delicious flavors such as lemon-lime and elderberry.

If you've been trying to take better care of yourself, but plain old water just isn't cutting it, this is one of the finest alternatives around.


  • 1,000 mg of Vitamin C;
  • Energy & Immune System Support;
  • Vital Electrolytes;
  • Plus Vitamins and Minerals;
  • Made with Real Fruit;
  • Sugar-Free;
  • A Dietary Supplement;
  • Vegetarian-Vegan;
  • GMP Quality Assured;
  • Gluten-Free.

2) Ener-C Effervescent Electrolytes Drink Review

The Ener-C Effervescent powdered drink-mix is a health supplement that is designed and meant to boost your one’s energy levels, support the immune system, and improve one’s general health. Ener-C electrolytes drink non-GMO ingredients for all-natural health benefits.

It contains:

  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin B;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Mineral Ascorbates;
  • Electrolytes;
  • 25 nutrients;
  • Non-artificial coloring.

These electrolyte drinks also contain other non-active ingredients that aid the function of the active ingredients. Ener-C includes 30 packets of 9.2 oz of the supplement.

The supplement is meant for adult use only owing to its potency. Additionally, for the best results, it is advisable to consume the Ener-C while eating regular meals or right after taking your meals.

3) Nuun Energy Effervescent Electrolyte Caffeine Supplement Review

The Nuun Energy Effervescent Electrolyte Caffeine-Supplement is a fantastic way to keep yourself both energized and hydrated in a healthy manner. The ingredients are free from gluten, soy, dairy, and many of the common fillers used in other similar products.

With its green tea-based formula, it might even help you shed a few calories over the course of the day. Best of all, there are several flavors to choose from.

If you're sick and tired of crashing and burning after sodas or energy drinks, this may be the exact supplement you need to keep you going throughout the day.


  • New & Improved;
  • You Need A Lift Nuun Energy Elevates;
  • Includes 10 Tablets;
  • Caffeine (Green Tea Extract);
  • B Vitamins;
  • Low Calorie;
  • Vegan;
  • Gluten-Free;
  • Clean Sport;
  • Natural Flavor.

Nuun electrolytes are great for achieving optimal electrolyte intake for running.

What Are Electrolytes in the Body

An easy way to remember what electrolytes are is that they are primarily minerals. The most well-known of these is sodium, though much more are just as essential to your body.

All the cells in your body need electrolytes to function well. In fact, the name is related to their function, which is to promote proper electrical currents in your system.

The central nervous system needs these to operate well. While most folks think of the electrical systems in their homes and office buildings when the word "electric" is mentioned, that is only part of the story.

Electrical currents happen throughout nature, including in your nervous system. Your major organs and other tissues also have electrical impulses that must be maintained properly for you to enjoy good health.

Electrolytes Supplements and Drinks

You may not have considered this before, but if you are missing any of the major electrolytes in your body, it can cause some major health problems. Most of the health issues you would have with the lack of electrolytes would be the heart.

This is one of those organs that is very demanding in the way of electrolytes, and if they are running out of the electrolytes, it is going to cause some different arrhythmias of the heart.

A not so common arrhythmia that can happen that is out of the lack of magnesium in the body, and when it is treated, it is going to be Torsades de Pointes. This is a condition that is not common, and it happens when there is not enough magnesium, and it is treated by giving people magnesium sulfate.

7 Major Electrolytes and Their Function

Although there are dozens of electrolytes, there are seven that are considered significant. This is because your body needs them in the highest quantities, and lack of them will show quickly in how you feel.

  • Sodium is at the top of the list of essential electrolytes. While most folks think of salt as a bad thing, your body needs it. The problem many people face is too much of poor quality. However, electrolyte drinks provide a better balance than just sprinkling a bunch of salt on your dinner.
  • Chloride is the next on the list, and it is just as crucial for making sure that your body has the right pH balance and to maintain the fluids in your body. It is also found in table salt.
  • Third on the list is potassium, which helps with several things, including keeping your heart beating correctly. Your muscle function is dependent on multiple things, including potassium. This is considered one of the most important things that your body requires for proper neuron transmission. While excessive magnesium in your diet can be dangerous, that rarely happens. The fact is that most people don't get enough of this vital mineral. However, it helps to keep your immune system healthy and plays an essential role in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Children require it for proper formation of their bones and teeth.
  • Next up is calcium, which is needed for your bones, blood, and more. It helps your blood to clot after an accident and aids in muscle contraction.
  • Phosphate helps to strengthen your bones and aids in building up your cellular membranes. Additionally, it is used to grow and repair the tissues in your body. Phosphate is an electrolyte that you need to maintain properly balanced, or you will not have the energy production you need to have. So this is definitely one of those that you need to get replenished quickly.
  • Rounding out the list is bicarbonate. Not only is it indicated in homeostasis, but it also helps with lung function and much more. Without it, your pH balance will go out of whack, which can create major health issues.

What Foods Are High in Electrolytes

There are all kinds of foods that you can eat in addition to electrolyte supplements. You should eat a wide variety of them to help ensure you have a healthy balance of electrolytes in your body.

  • A few of the things that can help with this are corn and carrots.
  • Additionally, apples, beets, and green beans can do wonders to boost your electrolyte levels.
  • Other food sources include several types of citrus, including limes and lemons.
  • Alternatively, you can cook up a sweet potato or munch on some artichokes.
  • Tomatoes and squash varieties are also excellent foods to keep your electrolytes in check.

Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance

If you are not consuming adequate levels of electrolytes, it can wreak havoc on your body. One of the most common symptoms of electrolyte imbalance is an irregular or speeding heartbeat.

Additionally, you might experience fatigue or lethargy. This can be at the same time, or independent of each other. Many folks who don't have sufficient electrolytes in their body also feel sick to their stomach, which may be accompanied by vomiting.

While there are potentially other causes of diarrhea and constipation, electrolyte deficiency is near the top of the list. As you can see, electrolytes play a vital role in your body. It is essential that you consume enough of them every day.

Don't think that you can down a bunch of electrolytes drinks and then be set for a few days. Make sure that you eat and drink the right amounts of electrolyte-rich offering daily for optimal health.

Make sure that you take advantage of high-quality electrolytes and keep track of your progress. Those who exercise or sweat a lot are more prone to imbalances, so check with your doctor to find out if you are deficient. Enjoy your drinks and foods!

Of course there might be cases when you have taken too much electrolytes so make sure that you are not overdoing them.

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