8 Best Supplements for Recovery: Use 2 Stacks to Recover Faster

8 Best Supplements for Recovery

Supplements are the means that assist athletes in their efforts to achieve concrete results and to make progress. Some supplements are universal, and, like food and sleep, they are suitable for all types of loads. Others have their specific advantages, and their use for particular purposes would cause more fruitful results.

​If you comply with the characteristics and the way of acting of the food additives and if the specific workouts are applied, then specific supplements for recovery can make the difference between ordinary food additives and a reliable assistant in training.

​​​Physical exercises on the body differ radically depending on the methods and systems used. The impact on muscle fibers, central nervous system, and heart rate influence the recovery processes. In general, we can differentiate the types of workouts to bodybuilding, strength, cardio, and CrossFit.

8 Best Supplements for Recovery Use 2 Stacks to Recover Faster

​To make the analysis in this article easier, we will classify street gym, gymnastics, and power-conditioning training to CrossFit. ​​​Some types of supplements can not be assigned to either group because of their universal action, making them suitable for anyone - professionals or amateurs.

​Other similar ​supplements are ​the essential vitamins - vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium, which are extremely important for athletes.

Key Vitamins and Minerals

1) Magnesium

2) Zinc

3) Vitamin C

4) Vitamin D

5) Vitamin A

6) ​Creatine

​Creatine is ​another supplement that has universal action. ​It affects the absolute power, explosiveness, strength endurance, and aerobic endurance when in combination with other substances, such as beta-alanine.

Creatine shows a positive impact also for lovers of bodybuilding who aim to increase their muscle mass.

7) ​Protein

​Protein is such an additive, whether in the form of whey, milk, egg, casein, or protein matrix. Protein is vital for the recovery processes in the body and is suitable for anyone to use.

8) ​Omega-3

​​Finally, we should include fish oil also to this group as it is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

​Health supplements, such as digestive enzymes, joints, and cartilage formulas, and probiotics that have general health benefits to the body, should also be put in this group of supplements.

I would recommend the following product as I use it, and I know that they do not cause acne or any similar skin problems.

Female Supplement Stack to Speed-up Recovery

I will show you one of my favorite female supplement stacks, aimed at women that practice sports, providing all the necessary nutritional supplements for a good shape and tone.

This supplement stack for women has a unique combination of everything necessary for a woman to maintain her tone and good-looking appearance at an optimal level.

1) Liquid Carnitine

L-carnitine is an amino acid, whose role is to provide energy to the body. It transports fatty acids with a chain to the mitochondria - the energy centers at the cellular level.

There they get burned to provide cellular energy for the entire organism. Body waste products are exported back by the amino acid, thus ensuring the health of the cells.

That is how fat - including subcutaneous fat – gets burned in the most useful way, and the body does not have to break down proteins for energy. ​This helps with the building of muscles, their recovery, and the ability to overcome fatigue.

Thanks to the action of the amino acid, the muscles are richly supplied with oxygen, and the formation of lactic acid during workouts is minimized. ​The muscles are protected from injuries.

2) Now Foods EVE Superior Women's Multi Softgels

NOW Foods EVE Superior Women's is a product for active women. It contains the entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals, supplemented with herb extracts, green foods, and enzymes.

The capsules are coated with natural chlorophyll. EVE Superior Women's stimulate potency, maintain the beauty and strengthen nails and hair.

  • Chasteberry and sweet potato extract take care of the hormonal balance.
  • The Eleutherococcus extract is a powerful antioxidant that improves memory, eliminates fatigue and stress, and increases concentration and overall performance.
  • Chinese Angelica helps with many diseases, but it mainly balances the female hormonal system.
  • Royal jelly is used as a general health stimulant and a slowing aging substance.

3) Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA became a widely preferred sports nutritional supplement. The more heavily you exercise, the more difficult the recovery between workouts is. BCAA is a supplement, whose extraordinary power is to promote rapid repair of all muscle damage.

The product can be successfully used for both periods for increasing muscle mass and reducing excess fat. In the first case, they will be part of your muscle fuel; they will reduce overall muscle fatigue and improve your endurance.

​Then they will successfully cope with the task to help repair any damage by making the muscle mass growth. ​In cases of reducing excess fat, BPI Sports BCAA will help you minimize the loss of muscle mass to the minimum while still training hard in the gym.

How to Take These Supplements for Recovery:

  • Now Foods, EVE Superior Women's Multi Softgels - take three tablets with the first meal of the day.
  • BPI Sports BCAA - take a scoop (10g) before training and another one after training.​
  • Muscle Pharm, Liquid Carnitine Core​ - as a dietary supplement, consume one serving (16 mL) of MusclePharm Carnitine Core one to three times daily. I would take one serving in the morning and two serving in the evening and before bedtime. ​On training days - 1 serving in the morning and two servings 30 minutes before your workout.

Men Supplement Stack to Speed-up Recovery

I will present 3 supplements for men to speed-up the recovery process. This stack is a unique combination for seriously training men who workout hard and are looking for better and better results.

1) MuscleMeds Carnivor Bioengineered Beef Protein Isolate

As you probably know, proteins are the primary muscle building blocks. There will be no muscle growth if there are not enough proteins. The source of proteins is also important.

The beef protein has gained significant popularity during recent years and is one of the most chosen supplements by users. The facts are simple - when proteins come from animal sources, proteins are still proteins, and the differences are not so significant.

​Beef Protein from MuscleMeds, however, has its advantages. The product has undergone a process of hydrolysis, which has made it exceptionally well and rapidly absorbable.

​Thanks to the hydrolysis, its solubility is also much improved, and the amount of protein in each dose is higher than the average - 25 grams.

2) Now Foods Creatine Monohydrate Micronized

Creatine is stored in the highest amount in our muscles since they are some of the largest organs requiring continuous energy. The stored there in creatine phosphate can be increased many times, as for this purpose, more creatine should be taken, either through our food or as a dietary supplement.

Unfortunately, the intake of large amounts of creatine through food is impossible for most people. If we take, for example, beef meat - 1 kg contains about 4 grams of creatine. Few people can eat such meat quantities daily or have the appetite to do so.

The intake of creatine as a dietary supplement gives the body the required amount of creatine within a few minutes without any problems. After several weeks of daily intakes, the creatine stored in the muscles increases significantly.

​More creatine in the muscles means more strength and endurance. ​The muscles, in return, bring more significant incentives for muscle growth and better performance in sports.

3) Now Foods Adam Superior Men's Multi

​You can find all the vital vitamins and minerals for our body in NOW Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi. The most important of them, which are most needed for serious athletes, are with higher doses.

Some of the most potent antioxidants - coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, lutein, and lycopene are among the ingredients of ADAM Men’s Vitamins. ​Besides fighting free radicals, the alpha-lipoic acid has insulin-like properties and helps cells to use the glucose in the blood better.

Nowadays, we have a fast-paced lifestyle, and not all of us have the opportunity to have a balanced diet and to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The potent formula of ADAM will help you fill in the areas lacking in your diets with a full dose of multiple vitamins.

This supplement is suitable for serious athletes, who need little higher doses of vitamins and minerals. ​The added herbs, green foods, and antioxidants will help your body fight the free radicals that severely damage the cells.

How to Take These Supplements for Recovery:

  • MuscleMeds Carnivor Bioengineered Beef Protein Isolate - take 1-2 times daily or as per your daily protein needs. One of the intakes should be after a workout.
  • Now Foods Creatine Monohydrate Micronized - take 1 level tablespoon (5.0 g) per day.
  • Now Foods Adam Superior Men's Multi - as a dietary supplement, take three capsules daily with food.

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