Best Chinese Herbal Supplements to Achieve Stress, Beauty, Longevity

Best Chinese Herbal Supplements

Chinese Herbology is one of the most complex and comprehensive systems that study plants and their impact on humans. Due to its proven effects, Chinese herbal supplements have become a large niche in the health industry.

​It is inherited from the Daoist tradition that believes that certain herbs are superior to others and that herbs, in general, are superior to most consumed foods regarding achieving health, beauty, longevity, and wisdom.

​This system includes several thousand herbs, among which 120 are classified as the most superior, known under the general name of "herbal tonics." ​Herbal tonics (Chinese Herbal supplements) are not intended to cure diseases, but to maintain health and promote longevity, beauty, wisdom, and vitality.

​With no limit only on the traditional herbal supplements of Chinese herbology, I will present to you my favorite herbs that help maintain health and are worth having any time in one’s "medicine cabinet."

8 Best Chinese Herbal Supplements

Chinese herbal supplements are suitable for many health aspects. I have systematized them according to their most beneficial aspects of the human being.

1) Herbs For Joints And Bones

​There are two herbs that the founder of the Anthroposophical Society, Rudolf Steiner, regularly speaks about in his lectures, and they are nettle and field horsetail. In this combination, they have a hugely positive impact on the bones and joints health, hair, nails, and skin.

The reason lies in the high silicon content, as well as the other minerals. ​Furthermore, the combination of these herbs works well for the stability against environmental pollutants and pollens.

​The combination of nettle and field horsetail energizes the walls of the blood vessels and purifies the kidneys.

2) Herbal Supplements for Cortisol and Stress

​The beneficial effect here is due to the herb Rhodiola. ​It is known as a powerful adaptogen, and it successfully thrives even in the harshest climates at high altitudes.

​It is used to help the body cope with the devastating effects of stress, which suppresses the immune system and makes us vulnerable to viruses and harmful bacteria.

Beneficial actions of Rhodiola:

  • enhances the function of the nervous system, the memory, the productivity of the brain;
  • increases physical endurance and strength;
  • contributes to the saturation with oxygen and the transfer of fresh blood to every cell of the body;
  • the catalyst of the lipotropic function;
  • increases the levels of endorphins in the brain.

3) ​Chinese Herbs for Reproductive System

This place is for Maca. Although there are numerous Chinese herbal supplements for the hormonal system, which are often different in men and women, I’ve decided to promote the famous maca root.

Maca affects the function of the hypothalamus and thus influences the endocrine system. ​The supplement provides hormones precursors and helps the glands produce hormones and neurotransmitters with better quality.

​The root is often recommended for hypothyroidism as a means of raising testosterone in men and progesterone in women.

4) ​Chinese Herbal Supplements for Immune System

​The beneficial effect here is due to the Chinese herbal supplement reishi mushroom. The wood mushroom reishi is one of the best-studied organisms on the planet.

Dozens of laboratory tests and scientific analyses have been devoted to it, and this is not accidental. ​It is a powerful protector of the human body in many aspects - physical, immunological, psychological.

Qualities why reishi is highly appreciated:

  • Its ability to improve the immune function and to work on its fine settings, protecting us from viruses, bacteria, chemicals, fungi and other toxic substances and pollutants that attack us;
  • In Daoism, reishi is recognized as a tool for intellectual development and spirit stabilization;
  • Reishi is very suitable for balancing the stimulating effects of coffee, cocoa, green tea, yerba mate, and others.

5) Herbs to Boost Your Brain And Nervous System

​This spot is for Mucuna Pruriens. This herb has an action that improves brain function. It is best known for its high content of the amino acid L-dopa, which gets converted into dopamine that is needed for good brain function.

In addition, the neurotransmitters serotonin and 5-HTP are included in its content.

6) Adaptogenic Chinese Herbal Supplements

​"The king of herbs" - Ginseng. The place of honor for the "king of herbs" in the Chinese herbal supplements is for ginseng, and it is considered the most powerful natural adaptogen. The history of its use in ancient China can be traced back to about 6000 years back in time.

Ginseng contains saponins, which stimulate the immune system and help the body fight diseases. Ginseng is also a gonadotrophin, which means that it gives a signal to the body to produce more androgens.

Studies show that ginseng works for the:​

  • improvement of concentration and activity of the brain, but unlike caffeine, it does not cause sleep disorders;
  • improvement of the physical energy;
  • regulation of the blood sugar levels;
  • the balance of the sex hormones in men and women;
  • it speeds up the recovery time after surgery, illness, or severe physical activity.

7) Herbal Supplements for ​Longevity and Beauty

​"The five flavor fruit" - Schisandra. This herb is known in Chinese medicine as "the five flavor fruit" and has always been one of the most popular herbs in Asia, mainly because of its ability to increase the vitality and duration of life and to bring youth and beauty back.

In ancient arts, Schisandra is portrayed as a symbol of longevity and represents man’s ability to acquire immortality.

Nowadays, Schisandra is known as a means for:​

  • cleansing the blood;
  • improving memory;
  • improving the kidney function, sexual function;
  • cleaning of the liver;
  • eliminating the toxicity from the body;
  • preventing the skin from sun damage.

8) ​Chinese Herbal Supplement for General Toning

​For a general toning effect, I take Astragalus. The name with which it is known in Chinese medicine - Huang Qi, means "extremely" yellow.

It is recommended as a major tonic for the restoration of the daily used up energy - physical or mental. ​It stimulates the telomerase, and by thus, it has gained the reputation of the "herb of youth."

In Conclusion:

​Of course, the herbs that work well for the human health, are much more, this is just a selection of nine Chinese herbal plants that I have discovered to be effective in my daily life, and not just on paper.

If you eat in a healthy way, the herbal tonics, or the so-called "super herbs" will be the way to improve your quality of life, increase your energy, and to work on the fine settings of your health and youth maintenance.

So which Chinese Herbal supplements do you use?

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Kaira

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