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13 Signs That Your Diet Is Good

There are countless articles on the Internet about what to eat and what not to eat; which diet is healthy and which is not; which foods are good for the body and which – harmful.

Every specialist will tell you something different, and usually, all of them will be in contradiction.

In this article, I will not tell you what to eat or what is beneficial for you.

Instead, I will tell you which are the criteria for determining whether your food is complete, whether it provides you with the necessary energy and nutrients and whether you need to change something.

Diet Healthy

1) Visit the toilet regularly

This is the first criterion for recognizing unhealthy eating.

Make sure you release the waste from your gut at least once a day.

If it is “normal” for you to have a bowel movement every two or three days or once a week, think about whether you are getting enough fiber and water and whether the food you eat is not too difficult for your body to handle, though healthy.

2) Your weight is within the healthy limits

The healthy nutrition maintains a healthy weight. You can be 15 overweight with 30% body fat and still be healthy.

The opposite is also true – a weight that is too low is an indication that it’s time to change your diet before you get an “unexpected” illness.

Here I want to make a statement about the ladies – what you want your ideal weight to be is not always the same for your health.

Get rid of the mania to buy clothes from a children’s shop and look realistically to yourself.

3) You do not feel your stomach heavy after eating

The feeling after eating is important.

There is no need to eat “until you burst” only because today you have had a hard workout.

Eat with a measure and your body will thank you.

Have a feeling of satiety after a meal, but not a heavy feeling in the stomach that will make you feel sleepy.

4) Your libido is increasing

This is an unimportant moment in a person’s diet, and here we have two aspects – physical and psychological.

On the one hand, with a balanced diet that maintains us in good physical shape and good mood, people feel more free and confident in intimate communication.

On the other hand, overweight and eating “non-friends” of your hormonal system make the sex hormone secretion less and reduces your desire for close contact.

Elevated libido

5) You feel happy

This, of course, is too general and subjective.

But in general, good food makes you happier, at least because you are supposed to have no problems like excess body fat, constipation, abdominal weight, close communication and the like.

6) Your friends think you are a little crack-brained

Unfortunately, nowadays it is “normal” to consider eating processed and ready products.

Almost anyone who has ever decided to eat real nourishing food has been misunderstood and sometimes subjected to mockery by colleagues, friends, or relatives.

However, be careful – if jokes grow into worried advice for the seeking of qualified help, it may be time to rethink your nutrition strategy.

7) You get sick less often

Nourishing food makes your immune system work optimally.

This way it can recognize and eliminate potential threats.

If you often suffer from infections and seasonal viruses, if you often need to use the counter medications you need to refresh your eating habits.

8) Healthy skin, shiny hair

What you eat most is most clearly visible on your skin and hair.

If your skin is fresh, well hydrated, if you do not have skin allergies (including sun allergy), if your hair is healthy and shiny, there is nothing to worry about.

Healthy skin

9) Normal blood pressure

Certain foods affect your blood pressure.

The occurring changes often remain unnoticed, but with more rapid fluctuations you can feel its excessive increase or decrease.

Sometimes the blood pressure fluctuations can serve as an indicator of which foods are not beneficial to you.

10) Good eyes

A proper diet keeps the sight good.

This does not mean that if you have a high diopter, you can magically remove it with food, but the changes in the sight may be a reference to the presence or absence of specific substances.

It has been shown that certain substances contained in plants improve the vision.

11) Clear mind

The brain consumes a great deal of the calories you consume, so it would only be beneficial if you watch out for what is going into your body.

Some foods make your brain lazy and significantly reduce its function, while some herbs and foods can make you alert, wise, and receptive.

As has been the case in other materials, excessive amounts of food and excess weight, resulting in kilograms, lead to the so-called “dinosaur effect,” in which the brain function decreases back in proportion to the extra pounds.

12) Good sleep

Unhealthy food makes your sleep incomplete.

Overeating also keeps your body active, trying to make it process unnecessarily large amounts of food.

Sufficient food, as well as good quality, provides sleep that gives your body the necessary rest.

Good sleep

13) Healthy bones, muscle tone

Good food, rich in vitamins, minerals, quality fats, and proteins, provides you with a better muscle tone and a robust bone system.

Conversely, nutritionally poor and foods high in calories make the muscles as well as your other tissues unhealthy and the bones fragile.


All of the signs listed here may and should be regarded as only one of the constituent parts of a healthy life.

For this kind of life, you will also need proper movement, good rest, appropriate environment and methods to reduce and deal with excessive stress.

Starting from the claim that “you are what you eat” we have offered you a simple way to find out where you are regarding eating.